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Amora & Wolff were referred to us as a team we could trust to give us sound advice.  We can confidently say that Cesar, Alfredo, and team have surpassed our expectations.  We wholeheartedly trust them and found they could be counted on for timely situations.  Alfredo and Cesar were able to deal with complex matters in business and real estate that involved very lengthy processes. They were there with us every step of the way by communicating, encouraging us, and never taking their eyes off the ball.  We felt like a team!  We are convinced that we could not have accomplished such multifaceted dealings without their exemplary and professional representation. 

Kevin and Teresa Kindred

Teresa’s Tours of Baja

We used Amora & Wolff attorneys for the sale of our property in Todos Santos. We had a difficult time with three extensions to the closing date. After retaining their services the closing went as originally planned. Alfredo Wolff always answered our questions immediately and professionally.

Their office knew every aspect of Mexico’s difficult closing process and law. They were attentive to hours used in our behalf and worked very diligently to get the realtor and closing agent to complete the process in a timely manner. We highly recommend their services in any real estate transaction.


Alan Matte

Kathy Cain

"My wife and I found ourselves in a difficult and unfamiliar situation in an unfamiliar country. Amora and Wolff were recommended by lawyers at a very large Mexican corporation, an acquaintance of ours in the United States and a general attorney in Mexico.  Throughout the process, the communicated in an timely and effective manner.  They developed a clear strategic plan and executed on that plan. The issue was successfully resolved to everyone's satisfaction. 

Robert Beart. M.D.

I have been working with Cesar Amora for over 15 years in Southern Baja Mexico, he has done many real estate transactions for both of my real estate company's in Los Barriles.

Cesar has always done a very thorough job and has been completely honest and upfront with me, I trust him completely!

If you are looking for an attorney to represent you then Cesar definitely is the one to consider, I highly recommend his firm and legal representation.

If you would like to speak with me I can be reached at 760 712 7505

Kimberly Ford


Baja Beach Investments (Formally) 

Ford Properties

When I first met these two, they were highly recommended by a mutual friend who's judgment I trust. I was completely satisfied with the timely, professional, high-quality representation, filings and all aspects of the handling of the matter that was perfectly explained in English. Things unfolded exactly as projected, per the stated timeline to conclusion. They are my trusted legal advisors that I would certainly use again, plus highly recommend the services of their company to anyone in need of advice or representation.

Harry Schikora 

I can highly recommend Cesar, Alfredo and their staff.  They helped me with a very complex real estate transaction including building a Mexican company for me.   Their English language and communication skills are excellent. As a relative newcomer to Baja I had no idea how things worked or what to expect, but they made me feel very comfortable and were able help me understand the process and the issues.  They also have excellent connections with other necessary businesses and were able to facilitate any support we needed. I would not hesitate to go to them for any legal needs.

Big Thanks to Cesar, Alfredo and their team.

Jon Bostrom

Thirty years ago we met a young lawyer in Canada; he was one of those rare young men who believed in fair play; loyalty to his clients, with a load of compassion. He was also extremely bright; a really great lawyer. And we could trust him. He has become not only our legal advisor in Canada, but our dear friend over the years.

Five years ago we were fortunate enough to meet another young lawyer, in Mexico, César Amora Mora.

He is a carbon copy of the above. He’s honest, compassionate, trustworthy, and also extremely bright; an excellent lawyer. 

He has looked after all our legal affairs in Mexico over the last several years, and has also become a dear friend.

We highly recommend him, without reservation.

L. Peason and G. Switzer

Cesar Amora  has been our family attorney here in Baja for over 5 years.  He has done a terrific job.  He has gone out of his way to accomodate our needs with current expert advice on obtaining  and maintaining our FMS's and legal advice on contracts and our rental of our Villa. He has been very affordable, speaks english  and has a U.S. bank account and U.S.  phone number which helps us contact him. He has experience with the building trades and what is required to buy and develop property here in Baja.

Cesar is a one stop attorney who I would reccomend to anyone seeking expert legal council here in Baja.

David Raitt Owner

Cesar has helped me close 2 real estate transactions in the past 3 years. He has always been very open and honest in his dealings with me and he has done an excellent job in all respects. I highly recommend him and am happy to provide a reference for him. He has also assisted in helping me to correct some problems with other transactions which were done by another attorney and which were not completed correctly. Again, Cesar did a fantastic job here with honesty, integrity and fairness.

All the best Dan Clemens

Dear Mr. Amora:
I wanted to thank you for all of the excellent work you've done for me and my partners.  I had heard horror stories about trying to do business in Mexico.  However, with your guidance and expertise, I found the experience to be very satisfying.  Your ability to communicate the legal differences we encountered in Mexico is outstanding.  Because of your numerous skills, I have confidence in doing business transactions in Mexico.  Thank you again for your friendly and professional manner and for the excellent work you've provided us.

If you would ever want to have a potential client call me for a reference, I'd be glad to have them call and talk with me.
Sincerely yours,

William S. Erwin, JBG Partners
1321 E. Missouri Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85014

We, Larry and Patty, have worked with Cesar Amora, for the last 5 years, each year with regard to help with our immigration paperwork as well as on advise with property issues. Cesar has been available, professional, kind, and personable. He is a respectful and honest man. We have developed a friendship beyond our professional working relationship and look forward to the years ahead.

Lawrence E. Babic and Patricia J. Joslyn

I would strongly recommend Cesar Amora for your legal needs. As an attorney, I recognize how important it is to have the highest quality legal representation, especially when dealing with the laws of a foreign country. I have been lucky to have Cesar provide me with legal services for both real estate transactions and business issues in Mexico. I have found his advice to be right on the money, and his services have been very cost effective. I am pleased to provide Cesar with my personal recommendation.

Kenneth E. Gertz

Law Office of Kenneth E. Gertz


I have known Cesar for over 8 years. I would not have stayed in Pescadero alone at 65 years old if Cesar wasn't taking care of all my business. Our skate park, our home. I felt so secure having him as a friend and as a lawyer. You can't find a better person to be in your life taking charge of your problems. He is honest , smart and will work hard for you.

Anne Armour

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